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Help a student plan! 
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Joined: Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:25 pm
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Post Help a student plan!
Hello Everyone,

I'm so glad I found this site!

First allow me introduce myself. I am 29, married with two little boys, self employed currently as a web designer and pursuing my BS in Geological Sciences at the University of Missouri Columbia. Originally I was a high school drop out who has in my time having gone back to college can say I proudly maintain a 4.0 on top of all the aforementioned responsibilities. I believe my failures in high school have molded me into who I am today as my drive for learning is phenomenal. I live each day with the a paraphrased thought from Thomas Edison, "those who give up, never realize how close to success they are."

As previously mentioned, I am pursuing a BS in Geological Sciences at the University of Missouri. I have all of my Gen Eds out of the way and currently am focusing on the core of the curriculum. My ultimate goal is to move on to the University of Science and Technology at Rolla for my Masters in Geophysics. While working in Petroleum sounds rewarding, I also have a fascination with Groundwater, Hydrology, and Karst Features. One problem I am running into is because I am so driven with my pursuit of learning, I believe I am clouding my college path with wrong choices and classes that may not benefit me later on. Another note, I have discovered that since I am taking the Geology courses that are Calculus driven, the required physics and math courses I have to take, I'm only 4 classes away from being able to declare a minor in each.

I believe the best way to help you help me is to list my current plans and see what you guys think. Followed as is, I will graduate in 3 years.

If I have jumped around too much or confused you, I apologize and please ask for clarification should it be needed.

KEY BOLD = Core Classes BOLD ITALICS = Required for Minor ITALICS = Elective

BS in Geological Sciences "Calculus Professional Track"
Minor in Physics
Minor in Math

FALL 2014
GEOL 1150 - Physical Geology for Scientists and Engineers
MATH 1500 - Analytical Geometry and Calculus 1
CHEM 1320 - College Chemistry 1
NAT_R 3290 - Hyrdologic Measurement (Writing Intensive Requirement Elective)

GEOL 2350 + 2360 - Historical Geology & Lab
MATH 1700 - Calculus 2
PHYSICS 2750 - University Physics
CHEM 1330 - College Chemistry 2

MATH 2300 - Calculus 3

FALL 2015
GEOL 3250 - Mineralogy
GEOL 2400 - Suficial Earth Processes and Landforms
PHYSICS 2670 - University Physics 2
MATH 4315 - Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

GEOL 3800 - Sedimentology
GEOL 4150 - Structural Geology
MATH 4100 - Differential Equations
MATH 4310 - Numerical Linear Algebra
GEOL 2600 - Mineral and Energy Resources of the Earth

GEOL 4992 - 2 Month Field Course

FALL 2016
GEOL 3300 - Introduction to Geochemistry
GEOL 4650 - Plate Tectonics
PHYSICS 3150 - Introduction to Modern Physics
PHYSICS 4120 - Introduction to Thermodynamics
SCI_AG_J 2210 - Communicating Science to the Public (Humanities and Fine Arts Elective)

GEOL 4900 - Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology with Lab
GEOL 4800 - Introduction to Geophysics
GEOL 4110 - Karst Hydrology
GEOL 4130 - Groundwater Modeling
PHYSICS 4550 - Cosmochemistry

Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:52 pm
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