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Need help with Material Balance or PVT analysis? Should you use FD simulators or Thermal simulators? All that and much more goes here!
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Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:07 am

Hello, I have to produce a "management style" proposal for a 5-point waterflood pilot in Field "X".
its been producing for about 10 years, but pressure and production is just comming off plateau and steadily declining. The structure is a cliche' anticlinal trap, with a poorly understood reservoir heterogeneity. As you may have guessed yes this is an university assignment :p
well the report needs to focus on what type of data i should collect to assess the potential a waterflood would have in increasing production. So far I have tried to work on data from the regional geological scale (landsat 7 images for geometry and facies distribution, published work) down to Reservoir scale parameters( core and logs to establish porosity, perm, saturation). So my question is what are the most fundamental parameters one must consider when assessing whether waterflooding to be a good option in a given field?

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