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Production forecast based on PVT Analysis of another field 
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Joined: Wed Apr 02, 2014 6:59 am
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Post Production forecast based on PVT Analysis of another field

I am a Process Engineer working with an oil&gas operator. In one of our projects, our reservoir team has generated a production forecast based on a PVT Analysis of another field.

According to them, the downhole sample that they gathered from the field has a GOR which was low as per their knowldege of the reservoir behaviour for this project. Hence they used the PVT Aanalysis of another field to generate the properties like GOR API Gravity etc.since they felt that the properties closely matched the properties of the project field. This field is about 20 kms away from this project field.

Further, from my rough knowledge of the geology of both the reservoir formations, the project field appears to be fairly layered/stratified with alternate pay zones of oil and gas, arranged fairly linearly, one on the top of the other whereas the other field (whose PVT analysis is being used to generate the properties for the project field) has a roughly wavy, anticlinal structure such that there is room for a gas cap on the top of the oil layer (supposedly a saturated reservoir)

I doubt our reservoir group's approach in this aspect since I feel that it won't be correct to use the PVT Analysis of a field with a different geology and also becuase it is at a significant distance away from this project field.

I would like to know whether my doubts are justified or not?

Many thanks in advance :)


Wed Apr 02, 2014 7:36 am
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