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Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:32 pm

There are sufficient evidence that petroleum has deep origin but unfortunately scientist has diverted it toward abiotic origin.we can not ignore the strong chemical evidence of it's biotic origin and there is no need to manipulate it with abiotic origin. We should go for the strong evidences only .so petroleum has both biotic and deep origin.this is between the current biotic and abiotic theories.bark oil has both biotic and deep origin in the log of tree like a crude oil.from sample of bark oil we can conclude that this sample is a product of any living thing.this is true also.same from crude oil having both biotic and deep origin we can conclude earth itself is a single living organism and producing oil like a bark oil.
I can prove it with experiments that sediments are very good indicators for the presence of oil near by but no involvement to produce oil directly or indirectly. There is an other link between the two.I have found another fine indicators of presence of oil near by.infect I have resolved the mystery of hydrocarbons.fossil oil theory is wrong but biotic origin point is acceptable and true also.
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