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AAPG Bulletin April 2011 
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Post AAPG Bulletin April 2011
FYI: an overview of the articles in the April 2011 AAPG Bulletin

Modeling of petroleum generation in the Vietnamese part of the Malay Basin using measured kinetics
Two-dimensional modeling of source rock maturation and hydrocarbon generation histories was conducted in the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea. A geologically based interpretation of seismic facies variations in the synrift successions allowed a geological model of the synrift lithologies to be developed.
Henrik I. Petersen, Anders Mathiesen, Michael B. W. Fyhn, Nguyen T. Dau, Jorgen A. Bojesen-Koefoed, Lars H. Nielsen, and Hans P. Nytoft

Drilling conditions making wells unsuitable for fluid inclusion studies on drill cuttings
Care should be taken with fluid inclusion studies. It is important to make sure that the inclusions have been formed by natural geological processes since frequent changes of drilling bits due to penetration rates or anamously high vitrinite reflectance values could indicate bit-induced alterations.
Sverre Ekrene Ohm and Helen Haneferd

Geometry of winglike clastic intrusions adjacent to a deep-water channel complex: Implications for hydrocarbon exploration and production
Three-dimensional seismic is a powerful tool in understanding the 3-D geometry of wing-like clastic injection complexes. Because the geometry of these features may be more complex than previously documented, this study has implications for reservoir geometries and hydrocarbon exploitation.
Christopher A.-L. Jackson, Mads Huuse, and Gillian P. Barber

Stratigraphy and static connectivity of braided fluvial deposits of the lower Escanilla Formation, south central Pyrenees, Spain
This paper defines a regional stratigraphic framework for the Escanilla Formation, Spain, using terrestrial LIDAR, 3-D aerial photographs, and field measurements. The control of channel evolution and distribution on the creation of stratigraphic connectivity in reservoirs is discussed.
Richard Labourdette

The impact of fault envelope structure on fluid flow: A screening study using fault facies
The impact of fault facies modeling constraints and parameters on geomodel realizations, modeled fluid flow behaviors, and reservoir responses are investigated. Models are designed to reproduce a predefined range of fault system and sedimentary facies configuration as well as fault zone architecture.
Muhammad Fachri, Jan Tveranger, Nestor Cardozo, and Oystein Pettersen

Structural and depositional evolution of the East Balkan thrust belt, Bulgaria
The thrust belt geometry in eastern Bulgaria from the Paleocene to the Recent is characterized by a southeastward plunge toward the western Black Sea basin. This plunge was caused by several factors that controlled the overall eastward-diminishing uplift of the thrust belt.
Charles J. Stuart, Michal Nemcok, Dian Vangelov, Eric R. Higgins, Chelsea Welker, and David P. Meaux

Deformation and secondary faulting associated with basement-involved compressional and extensional structures
Experimental models are developed to study the evolution of deformation zones for basement faults with reverse, normal, and vertical displacements. These results provide insights that are useful in the interpretation of macroscopic surface and subsurface basement-involved structures.
James F. Miller and Shankar Mitra

Fri Apr 01, 2011 2:20 pm
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