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Help Identifying Spherical Metalic Stone... Meteorite?

Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:02 am

I am looking for help identifying an interesting spherical metalic stone I found in a creekbed in the Santa Cruz mountains, CA. I'm thinking it is either a volcanic bomb (was found directly on Loma Prieta fault line) or a meteorite.

Measures 12 cm across and is nearly perfectly spherical.
The outside is solid matte black and smooth with no apparent crystal structure or layering.
The object is slightly magnetic (rare earth magnets stick lightly to object)
There are a couple small visible inclusions that appear to be more magnetic
The object is dense and heavy, weighing 2.75 kg (see pic)
It was found in the Santa Cruz mountains, CA in a creekbed.
After it dried there was a rust colored powder present.
It is very hard (7-9 hardness)

Any help you can provide in identifying this would be greatly appreciated!

(41.01 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Black metallic stone sphere
(20.7 KiB) Not downloaded yet
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