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For all your general chitchat about anything other than Petroleum Geology and E&P Technology. Well... even that is welcome if you can't find a suitable forum!
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So today I went to my first supervolcano...

Wed Jan 31, 2018 7:40 am

Hey everyone :) I'm new here and I'm studying Geology in University in my final year. Today I went to my first Supervolcano after spending years upon years being absolutely fascinated by them, but where I live there is none so I'm on my holiday and I journeyed to New Zealand to check out Lake Taupo and it absolutely blew my mind. Honestly, to see the area and to imagine the earth swelling before bursting in utter catastrophy in an area as big as this lake is just breathtaking.
So I wanted to know if any of you have visited any amazing sites of either active or extinct super volcanoes? What are your recommendations for the next one for me to visit? I was thinking Lake Toba but keen to hear your thoughts.
Also is there any Youtube videos or channels you can recommend to me? I feel like I've exhausted every video and I'm wondering if there is a few hidden gems that I have missed out on.
I would LOVE to see any pictures you took of your time up in the caldera if you have some too!
Thankyou! :D Looking forward to actively being engaged with this community!
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