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A brief summary of human history

Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:48 pm

1. The story before the story

The earliest fossils of hominids date from, more or less, 4 million years. These hominids spread across the globe. With the genetic variation and influence of environment various species appeared. Which explains the Neanderthal man, that is human like us, our cousin in evolution. Some groups isolated themselves like what happened in Australia.
These hominids were to Europe, Middle East, Asia and Oceania where Lemuria existed that was flooded by the Oceans, and to Atlantis that remained, according to Plato, after the Strait of Gibraltar.
After homo sapiens, more or less there are 20,000 years, appeared on Earth the white races (Arians), Egyptian race, Jewish race and the Indian race. Here begins some civilizations before known civilizations.
The world was inhabited by wild tribes descended from hominids. These races wrote the story that culminated with civilizations of 5,000 years ago. The first place in the world that had a society divided into castes, with functions and laws was the present India, more or less there are 15,000 years. Even religion and materialism, because of the ancient Mahatmas, arose in India.
The Aryans began to migrate from India to: 1. Atlantis, via Suez waterway, Egypt and North Africa, and 2. Iran, going to Europe (more or less there are 10,000 years). The entire Mediterranean region was influenced by the Aryans: Sumerians, Persians, Carthaginians and Europe in general.
Before the history of known civilizations (ancient Rome, ancient Greece, Phoenicians, etc.), there was a principle that culminated with these civilizations. The story before the story.

2. Atlantis: truth or myth?

Plato refers to Atlantis in his dialogues. He says that got this information from the initiates of ancient Egypt. Plato was a serious writer, so this information must be true. It recalls the migration of the Arias that passed through ancient Egypt and went to Atlantis. In antiquity there were several catastrophes that originated legends like the flood. But, tectonic plates, erupting volcanoes (Vesuvius in Pompeii), tsunamis, etc. It happened. It was Atlantis, myth or truth? It was true. This island continent (like Australia) existed and was located in the Atlantic Ocean, as Plato said, after the Pillars of Hercules, that is, after the Strait of Gibraltar. Source: http://thethinkingabout.blogspot.com
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